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TrueRTA’s audio spectrum analyzer software shows you a detailed picture of what you’re hearing in real-time, that is, as it happens. All you need is a Windows PC with basic sound capability. The test instruments found in TrueRTA include:

High-resolution Real Time Analyzer
● Low Distortion Signal Generator
● Dual Trace Oscilloscope
● Digital Level Meter
● Crest Factor Meter

WinSpeakerz is a loudspeaker simulation program. This popular speaker simulator lets you propose various speaker
systems and then evaluate them in software before you cut wood or order expensive transducer components.

● Customize your Driver Library
● Box Calculators
● Crossover Calculators
Introduction to Loudspeaker Design is written for students, technicians, engineers and hobbyists
seeking an overview of the technology of loudspeakers. Topics include:

● Loudspeaker Design Tradeoffs
● Spatial Loading
● Diffraction Loss
● Cavity Effect
● Enclosure Construction
The system measures impedance and extracts loudspeaker parameters or passive component values in just seconds and even includes our unique impedance based Rub and Buzz test.

Measure Speaker Parameters
Perform Rub and Buzz Testing
Measure Values of Resistors, Capacitors and Inductors
Generate Audio Waveforms
Generate Sine, Square, Triangle, Saw Tooth and Impulse Waveforms

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Learn more about
Learn more about
Introduction to Loudspeaker Design
Learn more about

About TrueRTA TrueRTA Selection Guide TrueRTA FAQs TrueRTA Support TrueRTA Downloads

Create your own professional measurement system starting with TrueRTA software on your PC. Then add the measurement microphone, preamp and USB interface of your choice. The TrueRTA setup you choose is virtually unlimited for field measurement work because you can select your own professional grade microphone cable. This allows you to take measurements from any distance.

All-in-one measurement systems do offer simplicity but they also lock you into a fixed system with no upgrade paths.

"While lots of audio measurement software applications exist for the PC, the one that seems to have captured the hearts of engineers and enthusiasts is TrueRTA, available at trueaudio.com. Most speaker engineers I know keep a copy on their computers." - Brent Butterworth, Sound and Vision Magazine, Jan 2011

Read the entire article here.

TrueRTA is currently at version 3.5.6:

Click Here to download the FREE TrueRTA Level 1
Level 1 NEVER EXPIRES!  Vista and Windows 7/8 Compatible!

Screenshot of Spectrum Analyzer in Bar Mode - Level 4

Here are some complete measurement systems we recommend in 3 price ranges. All are upgradable!
Please Note: True Audio only sells the software for these systems. The hardware must be purchased elsewhere.

Audio Measurement Hardware Recommended for use with TrueRTA

System 1

System 2
System 3

1/3rd Octave RTA
Great for Car Audio
Pink Noise

1/6th Octave RTA
Acoustic Measurements
Electronic Measurements
Quick Sweep

1/24th Octave RTA
Acoustic Measurements
Electronic Measurements
Quick Sweep

TrueRTA Measurement Software  
TrueRTA Level 2
Buy Now from True Audio
TrueRTA Level 3
Buy Now from True Audio
TrueRTA Level 4
Buy Now from True Audio
Professional Measurement Microphone (Calibrated)
(Purchase at Parts Express)

Dayton EMM-6 (PE)
Dayton EMM-6 (PE)
Dayton EMM-6 (PE)
15 foot Professional Microphone Cable
(use other lengths or in multiples for long runs)
(Purchase at Parts Express) 

Pro Co15' (PE)

Pro Co15' (PE)
Pro Co15' (PE)
USB Audio Interface
(Purchase at Amazon)

MXL Mic Mate (Amazon)

Behringer UM2 (Amazon)
Tascam US122 MKII (Amazon)
Your Windows PC      
Approximate Complete System Cost   $138.93   $178.92   $258.92

Click here for an overview of the hardware recommended for use with TrueRTA


Click Here to learn more about TrueRTA!
Questions about Sound Cards, Microphones or Calibration? Click here: TrueRTA FAQs
TrueRTA is fully compatible with Windows 7 and 8.
Learn to use TrueRTA at the Audio Visual Science Forum



 WinSpeakerz Loudspeaker Design Software "The Speaker Design Toolbox"
About WinSpeakerz WinSpeakerz Support WinSpeakerz_Demo WinSpeakerz Drivers

You can use our friendly software to build great sounding loudspeakers that you might pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for at an audio salon! Windows 7 compatible.

Only $39.95!

Click here to learn more!
Click here to download the WinSpeakerz Free Demo - Never Expires! (Windows 7/8 compatible)


 Introduction to Loudspeaker Design by John L. Murphy

Introduction to Loudspeaker Design'
is written for hobbyists, students, technicians and engineers seeking an overview of the technology of loudspeakers. Starting with a brief history of audio developments the book begins by introducing the concepts of frequency, pitch and loudness and proceeds to develop the idea of a loudspeaker as a system. 

The book covers such topics as loudspeaker design tradeoffs, spatial loading, diffraction loss, cavity effect and enclosure construction. A complete chapter is devoted to the subject of crossover design. The appendices contain technical references, design aids and a chart depicting 18 different loudspeaker enclosure types. 

New Second Edition

Get it at Amazon
Kindle Edition for $9.99!
Paperback Edition for $24.95

Chapter Headings include:

reddot.gif (829 bytes) Audio Basics
reddot.gif (829 bytes) Loudspeaker Basics
reddot.gif (829 bytes) Advanced Loudspeaker Topics
reddot.gif (829 bytes) Enclosure Design & Construction
reddot.gif (829 bytes) Crossover Design
reddot.gif (829 bytes) Driver Parameter Measurement
reddot.gif (829 bytes) Frequently Asked Questions

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Audio Books

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From True Audio

Speaker Builder magazine said: "In conclusion, I cannot imagine a better "Introduction to Loudspeaker Design" than this book."  Click to read more ...

'Introduction to Loudspeaker Design"
by John L Murphy

The New 2nd Edition is here! The book for hobbyists, technicians, and engineers seeking an overview of the technology of loudspeakers.

The perfect companion to our speaker design software!

Get it at Amazon
Kindle Edition for $9.99!
Paperback Edition for $24.95



Order ILD Now!
Read the full book review
Read About ILD!

True Audio, in Association with 
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Lancaster's Active Filter Cookbook
by Don Lancaster

Loudspeaker Design Cookbook
by Vance Dickason

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Download  our Real Time Analyzer!
winlogo.gif (272 bytes) TrueRTA Level 1
for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7/8

Download a Demo of our WinSpeakerz software and see for yourself what loudspeaker design is all about!

winlogo.gif (272 bytes) Get the WinSpeakerz demo and Demo Manual!  for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7/8

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Customer Comments Meet John Murphy!

Windows software


Book - ILD

Amazon Book Store


"I use WinSpeakerz frequently. It's extremely easy to use, fast, accurate and helpful. It provides a quick way of trying many "what if" scenarios. Any speaker designer from beginner to pro will find WinSpeakerz to offer exceptional value. Highly recommended!"

Mike Dzurko,
Audio Concepts Inc.

What Our Customers Say About TrueRTA!

"I find this quite an amazing package. To put this amount of test gear together in earlier days would have cost me tens of thousands of dollars. Very nicely designed, very user friendly, and tells me all I need to know in a quick and efficient way. I take my hat off to your designer !! - Arthur"

John is the designer of:

and the author of:
'Introduction to Loudspeaker Design'
Read about John's extensive background in Physics and Audio!


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