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Updated: Wednesday, 11 November 2015
 WT3 Software Status Home Page
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All users of WT3 are eligible to upgrade to DATS V2 for only $19.95. Proof of purchase is required.

WT3 Replacement CD's are available for $10.00 shipping and handling.

You can find support for earlier versions of WT3 here.

Upgrade from WT3 to DATS V2 here.

 WT3 Quick Start

Here is a link to download the current WT3 with QC Pack Quick Start instructions:

WT3 QCP Quick Start.pdf

 I Lost My WT3 Software CD

WT3 replacement software is available with proof of original purchase. Contact Support at True Audio for details. Purchases before 1Jan2011 qualify for version 1.5 replacement. Purchase dates after 1Jan 2011 qualify for version 2.0 replacement software.


 mailto:  support@trueaudio.com

 WT3 QCP Revision History

WT3 with QC Pack Version 2.0.0 is released

  • Added a New and Exclusive Impedance Based Rub and Buzz Test (patent pending)
  • Added New Tests to Measure Resistor, Inductor and Capacitor Values.

 WT3 Version 1 Support

WT3 Version 1 Support



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