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TrueRTA is Windows software application which provides the functions of an audio test system that includes a Signal Generator, Real Time Analyzer, Oscilloscope and SPL Meter. TrueRTA applications include home theater sound, audio/acoustics test and measurement, car audio and music production.

TrueRTA is offered at 4 levels of performance. Level 1 is FREE and provides a one-octave real time analyzer, a signal generator and oscilloscope. Everyone is encouraged to download and use the free version. No special hardware is required and the free version never expires.

Pricing for higher levels is based on the RTA resolution and additional features.

TrueRTA Level 2 at $39.95 offers 1/3rd octave RTA resolution and adds dBu metering.

TrueRTA Level 3 at $69.95 provides a 1/6th octave RTA, adds crest factor metering and a powerful digitally generated sweep for very precise frequency response measurements.

TrueRTA Level 4 is $99.95. Our most popular version is highly affordable and features 1/12th and 1/24th octave RTAs while adding a white noise source to all the features mentioned above.

The minimum requirements to use TrueRTA are a PC with a 500 MHz Pentium III processor, 64MB RAM and full duplex 16 bit sound capability.

True Audio,located in Andersonville, TN, was founded in 1990 and specializes in developing hardware and software for the audio and acoustics industry.


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Contact: Sharon Alsup
E-mail: sharon.alsup@trueaudio.com
Phone: 865-494-3388

Internet: www.trueaudio.com


Andersonville, TN, JULY, 2001: True Audio, software developer and publisher, has moved all operations from Escondido California where the business was founded in 1990 to the shores of Norris Lake in eastern Tennessee. Please note their new phone number:

True Audio
Andersonville TN 37705

E-mail Contact: sales@trueaudio.com
Phone: 865-494-3388


Andersonville TN 37705

Phone: 865-494-3388

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