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WinSpeakerz is our loudspeaker simulation program for Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/8. This popular speaker simulator lets you propose various speaker systems and then evaluate them in software before you cut wood or order expensive transducer components. A typical design session might go like this: you select a woofer for your home theater project from the driver database and load it to the "workbench". Next, you select the type of enclosure you want to simulate. You have a choice of closed, vented or bandpass boxes with a total of 18 different variations. For your home theater project you decide on a vented box. Now enter different volumes and tunings and run the analysis to see 'what if'. Once you've decided on the box you can open the box calculator and have WinSpeakerz suggest the dimensions.
Model 18 Different Box Types:

Download our FREE chart of enclosure types...click here!

2nd Order Closed

4th Order Bandpass
3rd Order Closed 5th Order Bandpass
4th Order Vented 6th Order Bandpass
Isobaric  (or Compound) Multiple Drivers

Advanced Enclosure Modeling:

Switch on diffraction loss modeling to see how much bass you will lose to diffraction ... Diffraction Loss See the bass boost effect from operating your speaker in a car or small room ... Auto Cabin Response

Box Calculators:

The Box and Crossover calculators eliminate the drudgery of cabinet and crossover design. All details of your crossovers and enclosures are saved as part of each project file.

Box calculators take the drudgery out of calculating detailed enclosure dimensions ... Rectangular Trapezoidal Bandpass
Crossover and Network Calculators:
Enter a new crossover frequency and new component values are instantly calculated ... 1st Order Butterworth 2nd Order Butterworth 3rd Order Butterworth
1st Order Series 2nd Order Linkwitz 4th Order Linkwitz
Resonance Compensator Inductance Compensator Tweeter Attenuator

Vent Calculators:

Our vent calculator helps you design various types of enclosure ports ... Tube Vents Rectangular Vents


You can search the WinSpeakerz driver database and have the results sorted to your specification ... Expandable Driver Library Variable Input Power for Excursion and
   SPL Responses
English or Metric Units

WinSpeakerz - The Speaker Design Toolbox
The WinSpeakerz Workbench

You can save your work for your home theater system into any of the 10 system memories in the speaker project file. This allows you to easily compare any of the 10 systems on the screen at once. You can compare your vented box in memory one with the closed box in memory two. You can compare different enclosures with different drivers or fine shadings of tuning for a particular system. At any time you can print a detailed report on the system currently on your workbench.

Besides enclosure simulation, WinSpeakerz supports speaker builders with various box and crossover calculators to see your projects to completion. Impedance compensators and tweeter attenuators can also be designed quickly. Just enter a few parameters and the component values are calculated as you type.


  An Overview of WinSpeakerz

The screen shot below is what WinSpeakerz looks like with a project file loaded.
The Plot window is the large upper window where the Frequency, Excursion, Phase, Delay and Impedance responses are displayed. The black plots show a range of frequency (loudness) response curves for this driver. The red plots show the excursion responses. 

The Driver and System Parameters window (bottom left) displays the basic parameters of the driver. The Driver and System Parameters window is where you specify the number of drivers in the enclosure, SPL (Sound Pressure Level) is given for any number of drivers at any input power and any listening distance. The WinSpeakerz User's Guide is viewed by clicking "Help Topics" the Help menu.

The WinSpeakerz Workbench

The Box window (bottom right) is where you describe the box type you want WinSpeakerz to analyze. In the example above, the 2nd Order Closed Box is selected. When you select a box type from the Box menu the Box window will be redrawn for your selected box type. An icon at the top left of the Box window shows at a glance the type of box you are working with. WinSpeakerz allows you to design 18 different box types! Plus you can specify any number of identical drivers in an enclosure.


 The WinSpeakerz Driver Database

Because driver selection is such a crucial part of speaker design, WinSpeakerz includes a very sophisticated loudspeaker Driver Database. From the database page you can search for drivers that meet your requirements for a project. For example, your next project might be for a home theater system and you're interested in 10" drivers with an SPL of 92. You can instruct the database to show you just those drivers that are 10" in diameter with an SPL of 92 and assign those drivers a keyword. This allows you to quickly find the best driver for your project without searching through individual manufacturers catalogs and data sheets. 

New drivers can be added to the database just by filling out a new driver form. The Driver Database has over 1,000 drivers included. You'll find JBL, EV, Vifa, Dynaudio, Fane, Focal, Alpine, Rockford Fosgate and many others. Of course you can add new drivers to your Driver Database by entering the basic Thiele Small parameters.

Each Driver Record is extremely detailed with provisions for over 98 different driver parameters. Enter as much or as little information on each driver as you'd like. Space is provided for such details as the driver's bolt circle diameter, front and rear mount baffle cutout diameters and retail price. Driver records can be added, edited and deleted.

The WinSpeakerz Driver Database


 The Box Calculators

The screenshot below shows the Rectangular Box Calculator. You can also select Trapezoidal and Bandpass Box Calculators. Enter box dimensions and the box volume will be calculated, or, enter a box volume and the dimensions will be calculated using the Golden Ratio. The enclosure calculators have locks in each of the dimension fields. This allows you to lock a couple of the parameters of the enclosure and let others float to achieve the volume of the enclosure you want.

The WinSpeakerz Box Calculators


 The Crossover Calculators

Enter the impedances of the tweeter and woofer and specify the crossover frequency. The crossover calculators will give you the component values needed for the crossover type you selected. You may also adjust the Damping Factor for the 1st Order Series Calculator. WinSpeakerz version 2.5 now prints 9 new crossover reports.

The WinSpeakerz Crossover Calculators


 The WinSpeakerz System Editor

The System Editor comes into play after you've selected a driver and have started working at the Workbench. In order to see the full details of the System currently on the Workbench you open the System Editor by selecting "Edit System" under the Edit menu (or at the toolbar). The System Editor is the place to make adjustments to various system parameters (such as box loss Q, isobaric factor, R(e), etc.), write notes on the system as well as make custom adjustments to this System's particular driver.

The WinSpeakerz System Editor, System Details Page


 The WinSpeakerz Project Files

WinSpeakerz organizes your work in Project files. Starting with a new Project file the designer opens the Driver Database and selects a driver to load to the Workbench. Back at the Workbench the designer proceeds to look at the performance of the driver in various enclosures. As he works he saves some of the best designs to the System memories. After saving a couple of Systems based on the first driver the designer might return to the database to select an alternate driver and then save a few more Systems to additional memory locations in the Project file.

Each Project file holds 10 System memories, each a snapshot of the Workbench containing a complete driver file, full details on the enclosure, crossover, impedance compensator networks, and detailed notes on the System. Systems can be instantly recalled to the Workbench by clicking the corresponding buttons on the toolbar. Any combination of saved Systems can be recalled for comparison of different drivers in similar enclosures or the same driver in various enclosures.

Anatomy of a WinSpeakerz Project file

My Current Project

...contains the following data:

The Workbench, Audio Concepts SV12 driver in 4 cu ft vented box
Memory 1, EV Force 10 driver in a 1 cu ft closed box
Memory 2, JBL 2240H driver in a 2.0 cu ft vented box
Memory 3, EV Force 12 Driver in a 4th Order Bandpass box

Memory 10, Focal 8V416 driver in a Vented box

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