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John L. Murphy
Physicist/Audio Engineer

Vehicle Cabin Effect (windows up/down), 18Mar99
Speaker Inefficiency, 14Apr99
Converting a Closed Box to a Vented Box using ACI's SV-12 12" woofer, 4 posts, 15-20Apr99
DC Resistance of Inductors, 5May99
Diffraction Loss Compensation, 25Jun99
Using the ACI SV-12 Subwoofer in a Large Party Room, 25Jun99
The Effect of Unequal Speaker Cable Lengths, 29Jan01
The Potentially Audible Effect of Speaker Cable Resistance, 31Jan01
The Potentially Audible Effect of Speaker Cable Inductance, 3Feb01 and 6Feb01
Group Delay in Loudspeakers, 1998, 20Jul98, 2Jun99, 3Jun99
Equalizers and Group Delay in Loudspeakers, 23Feb01
Equalizers for Vented Box Loudspeakers, 25Apr01
Effect on Loudspeakers of Amplifier Damping Factor, 2May01
Sources of Distortion in Audio Playback Systems, 11Aug05


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