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The Murphy Corner-Line-Array
An Open Loudspeaker Design Project

by John L. Murphy
Physicist/Audio Engineer

1. MCLA Project Home
2. Design Concepts

3. MCLA Project Details
4. Single Driver Test Results

5. Array Test Results
6. Line References/Links
7. Project Log
8. MCLA Discussion Thread

 6. The MCLA Project Log

I uploaded a thoroughly revised 51 page project document (MCLA Project.pdf). In addition to the detailed project document I have added a new 12 page Project Brief document. Both documents now have a much improved layout as they now exist in a M/S Word document versus having been printed from the HLML pages.

The 12 page document that was distributed at the Midwest Audio Fest last weekend. I had hoped there would be a demonstration of the MCLA system but there were assembly problems with one enclosure so the demo was cancelled. Perhaps next year we will see the MCLA demonstrated at the next Dayton DIY get together. I was unable to attend due to a prior commitment...perhaps next time.

As part of a major site revision I also added this project log page where I will be commenting on new developments and tracking the project status in the future.

19Apr10 Minor editing throughout the project. Uploaded a revised .pdf file with cumulative changes since 9Nov10

16Dec09 Corrected the enclosure drawing note to say the radius is on the WIDE side of the baffle-a pdf revision is pending

10Dec09 Added a link to the MCLA discussion thread at the Parts Express Tech Talk Forum

26Nov09 Corrected the enclosure driver cutout edge radius from 0.5" to o.25"

9Nov09 Added array distortion measurement data.

4Nov09 Added single driver distortion measurements.

24Oct09 Added more figures to explain image analysis. Added a photo of an actual mirror example.

22Oct09 Added un-equalized array frequency response and discussion of expected response

16-18Oct09 Added the Wiring Diagram and EQ Settings, misc. text revisions and editing

6Oct09 Added Disclosure of Invention, Added Array Test Results

18-19Sep09 Added content at Design Concepts page...turned on the spelling checker!

9Sep09 Added first content at the Design Concepts page.

27Aug09 Added single driver test data including parameters and measured response.

3Aug09 Added first links at the References & Links page. Proto enclosure is cut and partially assembled. Production driver testing is in progress.

28Jul09 Added the line drawing and several new placeholder pages. I now have 50 ND90 drivers on hand and will be posting single driver test results soon.

9Jul09   Initial page uploaded. I'm still working out the prototype enclosure details...

Project Documentation and Discussion
The 12 page MCLA Project Brief:    MCLA Project Brief.pdf
revised 6Jul10
The complete 51 page MCLA project document:     MCLA Project.pdf
revised: 16Jul10
MCLA discussion at the Parts Express Tech Talk Forum:  MCLA Discussion Thread


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